Monday, July 4, 2016

Summer Goals - July Recap

With July almost here - So I thought I would recap on my Summer Goals...
  1. Plant a garden at the lake and at home
    • Status: Completed - I've planted a garden at the lake, some pots and a very modest garden at home. I could plant more in my backyard at home, but I'm happy with the amount I have planted - Plus I just LOVE coming home to my plants every night. I even re-planted my terrarium that I over watered and killed this winter! My garden at the lake has even held up (kinda) with the crazy weather we've been having! (but the deer ate the beet tops!)
      Starting to Grow!
  2. Spend 7 days at a lake, especially shoulder weekends 
    • Status: 4 nights down, 3 to go - I'm finding it hard to find time to get out there and just bailed on one night.. I have to keep on remembering that it's less than a 2 hour drive! However, I just spent the long weekend up there - and could have stayed for days!
      Nothing like a lake sunset.
  3. Camp in my Siesta for 10 nights
    • Status: I've spent 2 nights in it so far. I have fixed it up to 80% complete, but I know that if I put the finishing touches on it, I will want to use it more. But getting 10 nights will be a challenge. I just have to go camp by myself one Friday night and realize how simple it is!
  4. Overnight camp in the backcountry for 5 night
    • Status: 4 nights down - I went on a backcountry camping trip for 4 nights and 5 days - it pushed the limits of my comfort zone but was awesome and is inspiring me to get out more!
  5. Go on 10 hikes / back country mountain bike rides
    • Status: 6 days down - that 5 day camping/hiking trip really helped me with my summer goals! I just went to Barrier Lookout the other weekend, and it was just perfect - not too far, not too long, but great views! I also have some planned for when I'm on the west coast!
      More hikes & more waterfalls!
  6. Have 3 BBQs at my house 
    • Status: What is the definition of a BBQ? Does brunch count? I had some friends over for that and then BBQed at a friends house... Ok, none of that counts. But I'm trying! It will have to wait until August - which may be a good thing since a) I don't have a couch at the moment and b) we've been having some wicked thunderstorms
  7. Bike over 200 km on my road bike 
    • Status: As I arrived to work today (on my bike) I was over 500 km. So for the first time ever, I will have to increase my goal! Whoa, this is a new experience for me! Signing up for the Grand Fondo Badlands was a great motivator to get in the saddle!
  8. Go to Waterton Lakes National Park 
    • Status: Well I didn't get there this spring, but there is hope for some time in August - or I'll put it in my Fall to dos. I imagine the colours would be stunning in October!
Overall, I'm happy with my progress. They are really helping motivate me to get out and just do it! My weekend indecisiveness which leads to staying at home has really dropped since I always have a list of amazing things to fall back on! Plus I really am enjoying the summer - I kind of feel like its half over, when really it has just started!