Monday, May 2, 2016

Three Things... (2016.04.29)

Here are some things I am loving these days:

I obviously don't need any clothes, but I am a little skinny on summer tops. These ones are making me so excited for BBQ and wedding season. 
Wouldn't this be lovely at the drinks event the night before the wedding?

Is this floral simple enough to wear to work?

The lace the stripes! oh my. Oh hello BBQs,

I know I would wear this until I got a grass stain on it. 
Also - did you notice that 3/4 of the models are wearing the same bottom skirt? I am also low on skirts... 

Handmade Pottery

One day I want to live on a farm with wood interiors (not just paneling), sleek open shelves and handmade pottery dishes on every shelf. Until then, I'll just look at beautiful pottery - and on a whim buy mugs when traveling! Surprise - I bought two beautiful mugs while in Boston and it had nothing to do with the rainy weather and fighting a cold. But I couldn't be happier. I've had tea every night since being home. And I'm one one step closer to my farmhouse dream! 

I bought the 10 oz mugs from W/R/F, I'm in love, the handle is just perfect! 

But I was eyeing Farmhouse Pottery, well just the name makes me smile!
Confession: I don't just love Vintage Revivals right now, I freakin' love her all the time! But I've been struggling a bit with my vintage trailer, so I went back to her posts about The Nugget and feel so rejuvenated. 
Love x 1,000,000

Having a blogger who is honest about the renovation process and each detailed step is amazing but having one discusses the struggles, change of hearts, emotional battles and redos is so fresh, encouraging and completely inspiring! (Read the end of this post)

Tiling has been on my mind lately.
Last week, I ordered a piece of glass that was too short (i.e. I measured the wrong length), counted the wrong number of wood pieces needed and designed a support structure that was not sturdy enough to hold the weight? To say I was discouraged is a bit of an understatement. So seeing this post about penny tiles, allowed me to take a breath and feel prepared to try some projects again!
Can I just move in?