Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Traffic Jams

Aren't these maps just the best? Simple, clean, minimalist. Allows me to see cities more like a living being with the roads as the veins, supplying each neighbourhood with the essentials. 
Calgary, Alberta Minimalist City Map Print

Toronto, Ontario Minimalist City Map Print

Tokyo, Japan Minimalist City Map Print

Amsterdam, Netherlands Minimalist City Map Print

Boston, Massachusetts Minimalist City Map Print

Sao Paulo, Brazil Minimalist City Map Print
Made By The Neighbourhood Unit
Canada sure likes their grids. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Three things...(2016.03.30)

1) Penguins - it has been a over 10 years since March of the Penguins stole my heart, but Paul Nicklen has helped me keep the love strong 

The babies! Paul Nicklen
What stunning colours in the crystal blue waters - Paul Nicklen
Standing out - Paul Nicklen
Which reminds me of this meme (even though its not the same species) which I just love, and keep next to my computer...

2) Modern/ Retro FireplacesIt may be almost April, but with snow in the forecast today so I'm still loving the idea of a good fireplace
vintage fireplace 15 Hanging And Freestanding Fireplaces To Keep You Warm This Winter
3) Indigo - it feels so fresh but not too harsh with a crisp white
Love this Brushstroke Indigo Duvet Cover from Pine Cone Hill
Geometric Indigo Batik Hmong Pillow, Hand-dyed by Tribal Women, Natural Indigo, Blue, White, 14" x 24"
Love the lumbar shape, the geometric graphics and of course the colour

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Make Believe Friends

I have a slight obsession - looking at interiors online. I like real interiors rather than interior designed / stylized show houses / rooms. But it's odd - to look into someone's house and pour over the little details they live in every day. Sometimes I find myself saying - oh we'd definitely be friends if we lived near each other... Which is weird... But kind of fun at the same time. 

Anette is one of those people. I have no idea if we would be friends, but her house is any indication, I think we would! But since we can't be friends, I'm going to keep these images close, so I can emulate her apartment. She actually has so many pieces that I've wanted to purchase but have wondered how it would look. Well wonder no more!  I'm off to buy this ferm living pillow! 

Via Apartment Therapy