Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Concentrate on Kindness

I tend to get easily wrapped up in planning and organizing and making sure everything 'works out'. My brain is full of logistical maneuvers, checked boxes and timing alignments.... and sometimes in the wake of my planning torrent, people's emotions get bruised. I don't realize that I have hurt people until too late, leaving my heart strangled by remorse and with no actions left to change the damage I have done. When this happens (such as now) I am physically disabled by a tightness in my chest and pressure in my ears which stops me dead in my tracks. Try as I might to make excuses, it becomes painfully apparent that my haste to create action, or solicit decisions neglects the goal of all my planning and organizing: Creating times to enjoy and appreciate the people I love and cherish. Something that shouldn't really take too much planning and organization....

With the Olympics coming two days away, I, like many Vancouverites, need forget about the logistics of the games and embrace the spirit - that warm feeling right above my spleen that brings a tingle to my nose and extra fluid to my eyes. I need to remember that what you see and do during the games is just as important as who you see it with and your attitude towards the moment. I'm sure there are going to be many lineups, missed events and agitated people, but it will all will be better if we can remember to act with kindness and appreciation for who we are with what we are going to be a part of.

Via the Herald
(Go Canada Go.)