Thursday, December 3, 2009


What ever happened to Keri Russell? I know this is quite off topic, but I was browsing {this is glamorous} today and in the beautiful images was Keri Russell. I have always loved her effortless grace and the way she always looks comfortable and relaxed in what she is wearing. But really where has she gone? I miss not seeing those knitted sweaters, scarfs and turtlenecks which she sported so often on Felicity.

Well for those like me who are going through Russell with drawl, good news! She has a movie coming out on Christmas Day, "Leaves of Grass"(nice little Christmas gift pour moi!). The movie also features Edward Norton and Susan Sarandon, and sounds like a wonderful character movie...check out the trailer.

In the mean time here are some images of Keri Russell, in those cozy knits she wears so well!

Via InStyle Jan 09
Not the cosy look, but stunning....
Via Fashion Week Daily