Monday, November 30, 2009

Out of Commission for a Bit

I'll be back in a few weeks, just having a little difficulty looking at a computer screen at the moment!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

10 loves

Keeping in positive mantra mode, I am starting a new series.

I'm going to list ten things I love about certain spaces. And I am going to start with this one....

I can't find the source... anyone?

  1. The shoes - of course! I like that they are all different sizes, but they are all the same style.
  2. I love the storage use of the shoes - and that they are above sitting nose level!
  3. The wooden pencils. Does anyone use these anymore? I have a few that I just love. The hexagonal shape, amazing.
  4. The tin used as a vase for the tulips.
  5. The matte black chair. I like that the chair angles are the same as the desk, but the black adds a contrast. I also love that it's matte. It really looks like it absorbs the light instead of being reflective and drawing too much attention.
  6. The sliver box. A little bling, but with straight lines a classic touch.
  7. The wallpaper, so out of Africa... Love the texture too.
  8. The drawer handles, a throw back to school days when our teachers had desks like this... I always wanted to peek in those drawers but never dared!
  9. The desk legs, at an angle, narrow and attached on the outside. Feels so deconstructed.
  10. The greenery and flowers, bring some life to your workspace.

Wow, that was too much fun. I love lists!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lost and Found

Via J.Loek
When someone possesses that creative genius, you can see the clogs of creativity constantly turning, no matter where they are. My friend Steph Hung is one such someone, creating beautiful and fun wears from material I would just discard. Seeming basic items become pieces of art, an unnoticed skirt becomes beautiful detail on a clutch, a retro bed sheet becomes a duffel bag, a golf shirt becomes a sophisticated scarf, a T-shirt becomes a necklace. Her ability to take vintage clothing and fabric an re-stitch it into fashionable clothing and accessories, as she does for her Lost/Found Collection, just amazes me.

Steph is thankfully sharing her re purposing and salvaging talents with Vancouver at two local shows, Make it Vancouver this weekend and Urban Artisan Craft Fair November 28th and 29th, and select pieces from her line have recently been picked up by dream! Non-Vancouverites can check out her online shop.

Via J.Loek

To see more of her talent, including wonderful styling, check out these images taken by J.Loek of her line. I am counting the minutes until I can head down to the CCC to check out what new creations she has come up with lately.

Via J.Loek

Monday, November 16, 2009


I am trying to bring an accent colour into a bedroom I am decorating (for a guy) and I was stumped for a while. I always like to bring in bright accent colours but they were all looking too feminine. Orange to the rescue! Especially if paired with navy blue... What do you think?

I love orange and tan! Via Elements of Style and House and Home.

I think I am going to bring in the orange accent with pillows... Via House and Home photography by Michael Graydon.

I love these orange chairs! So fun!

I really like the giraffe in the back, a great contrast with the white walls (same as what I am working with!) Both via All things lovely.

I like the repetition of orange here, and the blue. I think I would add more blue though.... House Beautiful, ken fulk design, via On interiors.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

November - To Do and Positive Mantra

Lately I have found myself to be quite negative. When someone asks me how my weekend was I am always "Good, BUT..." I am not sure why this is, possibly because I am feeling unsettled, and without purpose, or I feel slightly overwhelmed, not grounded and out of my element... Whatever the reason is, I am going to have to kick this mentality, because I'm no Debbie Downer!
I have been trying to figure out how I would kick this negativity and stick to it, and this weekend I finally had a light bulb moment! I don't know how to fully explain it, but I just have to remind myself that I am free to choose what to do. I don't have to do anything, I want to do it! For example, this weekend I was bummed because I had to go the mall to return some items. But really I want the money back, so I want to do this item. I also am really bummed about studying, but I want to do well in my courses, so I want to study.

I can see her positive mantra glowing! Cleo Sullivan

So let's see if I did everything I wanted to do for October...

  1. Sew some of the Roman Blinds - purchase doweling, top piece of wood and lining material. Cut and measure out all material - The lining material is sitting right in front of me!
  2. Move bedroom wall art
  3. Clean out room - documents, clothes and (gasp!) shoes - this was so hard, 3 bags later, my room looks a lot less cramped!
  4. Move winter clothes up, store summer clothes
  5. Keep up with course homework - it was a squeeze, but I managed.
  6. Post 1 time a week - not quite once a week but I did post more than 4 times this month!

Can you believe it? I finally got a whole list done, I am currently in shock. Now that I have some momentum, here is my want to-dos for Movember:

  1. Post once a week. Post some personal projects.
  2. Buy a winter bike. I officially can't ride my summer bike anymore.

  3. I hope this will be my new winter bike! Kona

  4. Finish decorating Kevin's room. (and post pictures)
  5. Make a complete set of study notes. Book exam.
  6. Be on the ball with work. Make deadlines. (this one is going to be hard!)
  7. Yoga twice a week - a class or a video.
  8. Book vacation. (Yes that's right I'm going on a fun vacation in 2010! More details later!)

I might be getting ahead of myself because this list looks long! Note - the roman blinds are not on here. I might have given up on them.

Even though I am not attempting to make my roman blinds this month, I still have quite a bit of sewing to do... I'm nervous, I have never done a project this large! Lucyina Moodie via Automatism