Thursday, October 22, 2009

I love Freda Loves Porter

My cousin, Kelby, and a couple of her friends started making headbands this summer while in 'quarantine' due to H1N1. They most definitely found the silver lining to a bad situation... their headbands are a huge hit and are flying out of their hands! And I can see why, they are beautiful!

My cousin is the one on the right. Via FLP

Their company, Freda Loves Porter, has taken off, they even had an article in the Calgary Herald last weekend. I checked out the website to see what all of the buzz is about and now I understand! Check out their amazing creations!

All images via Freda Love Porter

I wish I lived in Calgary and could pop by one of their shows, because the website is all sold out! Maybe I'll call in a cousinly favour!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Black on Black Leighway

I recently had my hair dyed dark. Really dark. Some people call it black although it is most definitely a couple 'numbers' off black. It is a huge change for me, and I have been finding it challenging pairing this new colour with my wardrobe. I just don't feel like my steadfast black outfits look very good with my black hair. I even went out looking for a creme coloured winter jacket (something that I would never be able to keep clean long enough to wear more than once!) But today I stumbled upon this beautifully stunning lady who pulls off the dark hair and black clothes so wonderfully. I think I should try wearing those black staples again....

The Sartorialist via dress,design & decor

Both Via Miss a la Playa

Monday, October 19, 2009

Year Round Sunshine

Love a little yellow in the bedroom to brighten up those rainy fall mornings.... (some of these images are old....)
Via Domino

Jason Martin

Via Domino

This bed is still my favorite frame to date! I love the painted detail!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Taking a page from the highline.

I love the modern design used to incorporate green into the walkway. Via Highline Fliker Stream

I am totally behind on posting this. I first read about it in May (in Azure I believe) but with my posting hiatus I never ever finished the post (a trend I am sure you have seen around here!). But now I have been reminded again about the Highline from my good ol' Club Monaco standby.

What beautiful fall colours! Via Highline Fliker Stream

The highline is this wonderful mile and a half, recently completed (June 2009) park in Manhattan, where an old abandoned elevated rail line has been re purposed and redesigned into a public green space. This project was funded through a joint venture between the city and private donations. On top of amazingly designed walkways and landscape, there are movable art installations and shows (both theatrical and musical) that rotate through. School programs visit, it hosts block parties, public discussions and there has been a large number of proposals on the highline since it has opened! And everything is updated on their blog. This blog would most definitely be on my favourite list if I lived in Manhattan!

I would take my lunch break here! Photograph by Nikole Bouchard via Highline Blog
In Vancouver we have this abandoned railway track running through the west side of Vancouver, much like the Highline in west Manhattan, only not elevated (which creates more logistical problems). Parts of the rail line in Vancouver are lined with gardens but much of it is just overgrown grass. It would be great to see Vancouver take a hint from New York and re-develop.

What much of the abandoned rail line looks like in Vancouver... Via Our Fernie blog

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fear the Fall

With the first snow on the local mountains behind us, I am really starting to get apprehensive about the colder weather coming through, I get this uneasy feeling in my stomach a lot like the one I get when I have just been caught... Do you get this feeling too? It's rather silly because it's still really warm here - we actually broke records on September 23rd (28 degrees!), and I am sure I have a few weeks of good weather left, but I just seem to know that over the horizon are wet, dark, cold months ahead... Why does fall make me feel this way?

It might be because I live in Canada and winter can last 8 months or more, or that the summer has been so great and I have been outside so much and doing all these different activities, that I can't imagine spending my days inside...

I love plaid flannel. I am looking forward to sporting some more of this... with slippers. Beauty. James Merrell

Before I plummet into winter blues, I thought I would list off some reasons why it might be nice to have winter.... I remember not too long ago saying that I am looking forward for some cooler weather so I could get some things done, and do some activities inside that I really enjoy and have been neglected while I was out frolicking in the sun.

  • Decorate Andrea's, James' and Kevin's rooms. I gave them some ideas (posted on here) a couple of months ago, but we haven't really made any advances
  • Skiing and snowshoeing - I can't forget to get out there and enjoy the winter weather
  • Science world, museum, movies, theater
  • Crafts! I have a million projects which I would love to finish, I am sure they will start popping up on my monthly to do lists!
  • Courses
  • Baths, and steams... to just relax the day away!
  • Cooking, warm cookies from the oven... what is better?
  • Long Coffees and reading the whole newspaper on Sunday mornings
  • Organizing - it might not sound fun, but it will feel so good!

A few things I am going to do to make sure I don't get chilled to the bone this winter

Looking forward to pulling on some gloves, and a chunky sweater, and even dressing it up! Via Club Monaco

- Turn the heat up in my apartment (just once in a while) wear a summer dress play summer music, dance and drink fun summer drinks!
- Sauna, hot tub - get that body temperature up!
- Pedicure - even though no one will probably see them, it would be really nice to have pretty feet once in a while
- Sweat - not just a regular sweat, but a boot camp type sweat.
- Tea - My splurge of the year - good tasty teas!
- Candles - lots and lots of candles, with a fire extinguisher very close.
- Public fireplaces - find my favourite cafe or restaurant with a fireplace and make myself a regular!

Via Elle Decor

Hope everyone else is keeping warm and looking forward to the up coming chilly months! What do you to shake the winter blues?

Friday, October 2, 2009

October - To Do

There is snow on the peaks of the local mountains, and there are less than 50 days until ski season! Fall is really here... and so is a new month, and a new To-Do list. This month is very similar to last month since I didn't get everything done!

Via Moods of Vancouver

  1. Organizational Tasks - 3 of them - already seeing the benefit of being a bit more organized!
  2. Sew Dark Roman Blinds - these are so daunting to start. I think I am going to try and do it in small steps.
  3. Sign up for courses - signed up and am currently taking 2 of them!
  4. Move bedroom wall art - soon soon...

For October, I have high hopes, but I must be realistic, I'm going home for Thanksgiving on top of the two courses and one starting up soon. All of which doesn't lend itself to a lot of free time! No excuses though, this is the month for a completed list!

  1. Sew some of the Roman Blinds - purchase doweling, top piece of wood and lining material. Cut and measure out all material
  2. Move bedroom wall art
  3. Clean out room - documents, clothes and (gasp!) shoes.
  4. Move winter clothes up, store summer clothes
  5. Keep up with course homework.
  6. Post 1 time a week.

Ambitious, I know. See you in November is a many check marks!