Friday, July 31, 2009

August - To Do

Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been really busy but I can't seem to figure out what I have done! The sun has been out pretty constantly for the past month, so I haven't had much inside time... But I have been thinking of you, and all the beautiful things I would love to blog about.... if only I had time! Hopefully I will remember them when the ski clouds over and it rains for months on end!
Vancouver needs a breeze like this! via Oh Joy!

Anyway, back to my to do list... As mentioned, July has been a scorcher, especially the last two weeks, the heat slowed me down, and I didn't get to as many tasks as I would have like to... but that's okay, I'll just do them in August!

  1. Contact old professor regarding portfolio (no longer need to do this - I have a different plan!)
  2. Organizational tasks* - who really does these in the heat of the summer?
  3. Purchase 2 staple work clothing items
  4. Sew dark roman blinds for bedroom
  5. Swim 10 times (Okay, I only swam 8 times...)

I'm taking holidays for two weeks in August, and then I am away with work until mid- September, so this list is going to be a joint August - September list:

  1. Organizational Tasks - 3 of them
  2. Sew Dark Roman Blinds
  3. Sign up for courses
  4. Move bedroom wall art

I'm cutting down on the number of things since my performance last month was quite dismal. I think that this one is doable...

I am looking forward to have time for tea during my vacation....

Styling by Ludyina Moodie via Automatism

Does anyone else have summer vacation plans? I hope they are relaxing and rejuvenating! xo

Friday, July 3, 2009

Guest Room Inspiration

This image from Remodelista has given me inspiration for a guestroom, that is, when I have a house with a guestroom!I love the way the bed is not made and set up almost institutionally. Such a juxtaposition from the traditional guestroom decor. It reminds me of the first day of summer camp when you run into your cabin to find the best bed! I also love it because I hate making beds and I always feel guilty as I am tearing out the beautifully made linens when staying with friends. This one found on Emma's Design Blog is also inspiring. I love the pile of magazines as a side table and the shelf!
Photography by Annika Vannerus
These both work so well because I am sure that when I have a guestroom, it will me a multifunctional room, and these simple beds will allow me to switch the room from craft space to guest space with ease!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

July - To dos

I have been inspired to follow in Alek's footsteps and make monthly lists. We'll see how long this will last!) See, I make them anyway, but I would like to post them so that I feel that I have to be accountable. I am also going to take her advice and make my lists manageable (this is going to be the hardest part). So I have narrowed down my huge to do list and have picked out the most important ones.
  1. Contact old professor regarding portfolio
  2. Organizational tasks*
  3. Purchase 2 staple work clothing items
  4. Sew dark roman blinds for bedroom
  5. Swim 10 times

* Organizational Tasks consists of activities way too boring to mention here!

I'll let you know how this month goes! It might be difficult if we get a lot of....

Rachel Vigor via Desire to Inspire