Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm an escapest

Yes, it's Friday night.  Yes, I'm at home.  I decided to stay at home tonight to get a bit of my very long list of things done... Instead, I have found myself browsing blogs!  My bags are still lying at the door, my shoes are a couple of feet beyond that and I am on the couch engrossed in reading blogs.  I have escaped real life again.  Do you ever need time to escape?  How do you escape after a long day?  Here is what I have found to help me forget that I have a list a mile long to complete this weekend!...

My parents were just in Portland, and from their tales, I am just dying to go!  This blog won't help either! (via cup of jo)

What a beautiful spring bed cover?

This place took my breath away, everything else just seems so bland compared to this... 
This place even displays the bike beautifully! (I have been trying to find a place to store my bike where it would look good... so difficult!)

Well maybe not these shoes

Okay, those shoes did it.  I am motivated to attack my to do list!  Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sweet Dreams Andrea!

My dear friend who's boyfriend I posted about just below is also trying to decorate her room. Andrea is an amazingly adventurous and has traveled extensively. She has Italian heritage, but also embraces the Spanish culture, speaking the language and dancing the dance (salsa). Her pastimes include cooking, yoga and being outdoors. For her room I want to incorporate many of these themes into her room, especially her travels to Turkey, yoga, and bright Spanish flair! Here is what I have come up with.....

Some ethnic elements....

Some interesting ways to show art... they also inject some lovely colour! I love the decorative frames, which are feminine and add visual interest!

This one might be a little much, especially for a bedroom, but I wanted to illustrate how mixing and matching frames and mats can really add an eclectic, romantic flare! (I am sure James will not like this room, but Andrea just might like some elements!)
Elle Decor via Coco & Kelley

Since Andrea has a cream bedspread, we can bring in the colour with pillows and a other fabric.

Via Desire to Inspire

Appeasing to the yogi in Andrea, and the green thumb, I would love to have a Buddha in the room, and some plants. A plant in front of her window might be the perfect way to diffuse the light and street noise!

I do have a question for Andrea though, are you more romantic....

Or bold?

Via Desire to Inspire

Monday, June 22, 2009

Over a Year

So the one year anniversary of my blog came and went and I totally forgot! I guess that is one of the pitfalls of only occasionally blogging. I wish I had something profound to say about the last year of blogging, but it's Monday morning and well, I haven't been blogging lately. One thing I will say is that this experience in expressing myself and the connections I have made with fellow bloggers has opened up a whole new world, and awaken part of my persona which I had neglected for a very long time.
While the blog posts have dropped off, my love, admiration and inspiration for design, art and lovely things has not. I look forward to a day where my posts will pick up again and I can once again share all the thoughts and ideas streaming through my head!

Looking forward to another year of inspiration. xo

Friday, June 5, 2009

What I was thinking then... In mourning

I have been really busy lately, hence the lack of posts.... But it doesn't mean that I haven't been writing... I do, but then something takes me away and I never finish the post. And then the post information becomes irrelevant and I feel like I can't post it any longer. Well, I have decided that I want to post these, even if what I am talking about is long past gone! So here is the first in a series if "What I was thinking then...." I'll write the date I intended to post these to give some context.

May 20th 2009

On the way home from visiting with a friend tonight, I heard that Arthur Erickson has passed away... Some of my first blog posts were on his work, and I always love when I walk by his buildings in this city. I dreamed of one day meeting him, either at an event, or just passing him on the street. I am so sad, not only because I will never be able to meet him, but because a part of Vancouver (namely Vancouverism architecture) has passed away along with Mr Erickson. I hope that those who work with his firm still push his vision forward, but I wonder, where their designs will go now that their founder, and visionary is gone...

Arthur Erickson was a Vancouver, B.C. native. He studied at UBC and McGill, and did work all over the world, but he also came back and in my opinion changed the face of the Vancouver skyline. Many people recognize Arthur Erickson's work only by the concrete that he used, and many people don't like his designs that much, so I thought I would show some of his work without concrete - I love these ones because they meld so well into the natural landscape, really making the view and nature the focal point. Aurthur Erickson's ability to design with the natural environment as the primary focus is what he should be known for, because he pushed that concept to knew heights... literally!

I hope that Arthur Erickson is smiling down at this beautiful day and is proud of the way he has shaped his home town.... and many of the homes in his town.

All of the images are from Arthur Ericskson's website. When I think of a Vancouver house, these are what I think of.... His lines are so impeccable!