Friday, January 30, 2009


I just can't seem to get away from these Globe lights! I was my first one a couple weeks ago and now again today! Maybe it's a sign? I was going to put up the Chandelier in my room this weekend, but now I am having serious second guesses!

House Beautiful via If The Lamp Shade Fits

(I'm in off site training all day, so unfortunately this is all the posts for today! I'll be back tomorrow with the follow up for Katie! xo)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Design Love...

Don't you just love clever design?  This coffee table from Alex Suvajac made me gasp in amazement by the form.  I found it through for coffee tables for my friend Katie all week! Unfortunately this table isn't Katie's style, but if it was, I would have to convince her to buy it!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Domino Effect

So the news is out, Domino Mag is done. 6 Feet Under. Finito.

I have a different view of the whole situation however... I'm not shocked, saddened, depressed or wondering what this world is coming to. I am optimistic. Why? Because this is a new era of media. Just how the radio was eclipsed by the television, the Internet blogs and magazines just might be taking over the world of paper...

I will miss simple rooms like this
This isn't the only magazine to bite the dust in recent past and I am not sure if we can solely blame these closures on the recession. Could it be that this is the re-invention of the shelter magazine business? I am not sure how relevant receiving our monthly pounds of glossy paper is to us anymore, especially since we can now find inspiration online everyday (and paper free!) through websites and blogs. I think it's sad for employment in the creative sector, however I am optimistic that in the future it might be possible that Internet magazines will have budgets to hire stylists, designers, professional photographers, editors, writers (I'm sure I'm missing a lot of people) and the support staff...

And funky ones like this....

I don't doubt that us bloggers had a role to play in the demise of Domino. I find myself drawing inspiration from other blogs and Internet articles more than I find myself rushing out to buy a magazine, scanning the images and posting them. We all know from Apartment Therapy, Design*Sponge, InHabitat and TreeHugger that blogs can create employment, and be a viable business, (note I don't know for sure that they pay their employees, but I assume that they would have to) so that makes me wonder is the closing of Domino a sign of where design communication is headed? And if so, is it such a bad thing?

What to blog? I wonder if many of the other shelter magazines follow the same fate as Domino, where will us bloggers go to get our beautifully styled images from? I better sneak over the Domino and grab as many photos as I can!! (I'm just joking, I don't even usually post domino sets! I hope this gets people out there looking at non-professional work, and maybe even discovering a diamond in the rough!)

Silence in Finland

What an amazing cabin - this Finnish curved cabin is called the Silent House. The curved lines of the house blend so well with the surroundings, that I think you would just want to be silent while there, blending into the nature a [literally] round you....

I adore that light gushing through the windows... the elongated shadows subtly remind us we're at a high lattitude, and the crackling fire place makes the Finnish winters that much more bearable!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Office Day

It's my first day back at the office, and I am currently surrounded by paper and up to my ears in emails! Here's a little something until I find a moment to post something a little more substantial!
One day I am going to wear this to the office....
And my office walls are going to be lined with books like this....
And I am going to design cool, functional shapes like this....

Michael Larras

But until then, my office cube will do!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Westcoast Bound

I am ecstatic to be returning home.... back to the westcoast after two months away!

Keller + Keller

My rain boots are ready!

Easy Eco Mondays - 3 Rs sign

Make a beautiful sign to remind you of the 3 Rs Reduce - Reuse - Recycle!

I love this post from ModCottage. It goes through step by step of how to make these awesome signs. It would be ideal to make it like Em does, with re-used wood!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Keep it outdoors...

I hope you all have a great weekend outside! I'm going to shake off some January blues and get some fresh air, and hopefully make some of these.....

Via my friend Robyn Crookshank

Floating Retreat

Check out this post from Inhabitat on a floating house in Lake Huron! With Lake Huron's fluctuating water levels, this is the ideal waterfront cabin, never would you have to climb down those steps during low water levels, nor would you have to worry about the shores lapping your house away when the water levels rise.

I also imagine it would be so relaxing, falling asleep to the rocking motions of the waves... ...that is unless there is a storm! I hope it is in a sheltered area because Ontario gets some nasty winter storms!
The home was prefabricated and then brought to the lake, where it was placed and secured onto pontoons resting on the ice. Once the summer came, and the ice melted, the house was tugged 80 kms to this remote island location. It's so lovely (and probably environmentally friendly) that this remote area of the lake didn't need to be disturbed by months of construction and personnel coming to and fro.... it really does add to the pristine nature of the area! (Check out these other floating houses on Inhabitat)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

In From the Cold

I just came in from an 1:45 walk, and I am feeling inspired! I love the feeling of fresh air on my face and in my lungs. So as I sit here and thaw out with a lovely warm cup of tea, I just thought I would share some winter walking inspiration...

Stunning Winter White...

J.Mendel Pre fall Collection via Apartment #34

Cozy white winter furries...

French Elle Decor

Warm winter white little candles...

Kasha Harmer

It seems like I like I'm inspired by white and warmth today!

Pictou Landing Health Center

Flying home from somewhere to somewhere else, on some plane, run by some company I read this article about a First Nation Health Center in Nova Soctia. While quite interesting at the time, I forgot about it, until recently. Low and behold, I found what I had read.... and am I glad I did! This is such an amazing structure and idea, that I just have to share!

Architecture Week

If you are interested in how they built this, then you should check out the article in Architecture Week. Here is a quick summary: The building was designed by Brian Lilley and Richard Kroeker and was based on the Native longhouse structure, a traditional winter lodge of the Mi'kmaq which bends and binds still green spruce poles.


Every aspect of the building explored the ancient Native building techniques and tried to use them as much as possible, instead of simply trying to exploit shallow symbolism. Natural materials such as sphagnum moss, bark, rocks, and earth were all used to built this structure. They also used members of the First Nation community while building to not only receive their input and give then a sense of pride in the building, but also to cultivate skills in this community where the majority of people are unemployed.



Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Outdoor bound

I am going to spend 1 hour a day outside. Rain, sleet, snow, drizzle, or shine. I asked myself earlier this year - what inspires you most? It took me a while to come up with an answer, there are so many options... but nature won out. The clincher was a couple days ago when I was driving and the sun was rising. These rich and vibrant pink, blood orange, and yellows caused me to almost drove off of the road, and I didn't even care that I drove off the road, all I was thinking is I need to find a place to pull over and just watch this. Nature was calling.

So for one hour a day, I am going to spend it appreciating nature. I don't have to be in a forest, or watching a sunrise, I just have to be outside. It can even be in the middle of downtown Vancouver, as long and I consciously go outside for 1 hour. You never know, I might even be able to capture some of it on film, like Ruth does here.....

Even the simplest things outside are so stunning...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back to Black

It has been a while since I last posted about a black and white bedroom... don't worry, my obsession is still here! I was just waiting for the perfect room, and here it is... thanks to littlewoodstock on flickr! I forgot how dramatic a large amount of black is in a room, it really does make it feel cozy yet elegant... (some would disagree I am sure) But I love it!

The black wall paper reminds me of why I hung black fabric on my wall in both my last two rooms... drama! Hummm... Should i do it again?

Even though it is quite a small room, the black doesn't make it feel too closed in. I think it helps the area, bringing the focus to one wall, rather than making you feel boxed in... or have you focus on the window. Stunning!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Office Space

So I did a lot of de-cluttering at my desk this weekend, and i am feeling pretty confident about my work space... well that is, I was feeling good, until I saw this article from Martha Stewart. She recently opened up her many offices near the Hudson River in New York to show us where the creativity happens. [Note: Yes, the same Hudson River the Airbus crashed into on January 15th, she even has photos here!] The offices are so fun, and personal and are just asking to be used! I think these real images are even more inspiring than flipping through the pages of her magazine! Drop on by Behind the Scenes and read the comments behind these creative workplaces, they totally add to the images!

The office desks

Inspiration Boards
Prop Storage... aka...Heaven

Too good to be true? Well I talked to one of my friends who worked there on an internship and she said that is exactly how the offices look! Amazing! Although, I guess I shouldn't be that shocked, if any office would be clean and organized, it would be Martha's!

Stirring Light

Doesn't this look like this chandelier should be in the foyer of a theater? Something you come out onto during the opera intermission....

But wait it is made from stir sticks! I am so glad to hear that someone has found a use for one of the most wasteful and useless items on the planet! (Even if it is kind of 80s)

Easy Eco Mondays - Go Stir stick less

How long do you use a stir stick for? Two, maybe three seconds? Is it really worth it? Especially if the stir stick is plastic! So next time you grab a coffee, consider slowly rotating your cup, using something you already have in your purse (like a pen - that you wash) or asking for a spoon.

Photography by Mr Trona

Think of how much plastic you can save from the landfills! Unless you want to keep them and make this.... (See next post!)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturdays are for...

Staying in bed and pulling the covers close to your chin! Forget about all that de-cluttering and just roll over....

David Hick via Desire to Inspire

Friday, January 16, 2009

Keep it clutter free....

I'm inspired to clean this weekend. I am finishing up my 6 month work project soon and I need to start tying up some loose ends. It also looks like it will be a chilly weekend in most of Canada, so for all of those who are bummed about not being able to spend it outside, maybe some de-cluttering will help fill the void!
By Monday I hope my desk looks like this:

Warren Smith

Swiss retreat

My skis are on, my boots are tight, and my goggles aren't fogging up. Can I come over? Can I stay forever?

I am in awe of this cabin in Switzerland. The views are spectacularly breath taking. (I am at a loss for words) A well placed abode, I must say.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bishop Bevy

Remember when I wanted to find a new cocktail? Well here is one I came across from ModCottage. I don't think I can order it when I'm out, but it does sound yummy, especially since it's still cold here! Spiced anything sounds soooo good right now!
Image from ModCottage

Finger Indulgences

I posted some work from Alexandra Schleicher, a Toronto based Jeweller in my coral post last week. Here are more from this talented Canadian, only this time its strictly a hand game.

I wonder where Alexandra gets her inspiration? Each piece seems so different. One for every mood maybe? If that was the case, I would have to wear them all at the same time! Tacky?
One question about big rings though:
Should you wear them with bright nail polish or natural nail polish? Can you wear them with no nail polish and short nails?