Friday, November 28, 2008

Simple Centerpieces

I love to entertain - I inherited this love from my mom who is a superb hostess. We had many dinner parties at our house when I was growing up, and my mom would always do all the prep herself. On top of it, she has this amazing ability of making it all look so easy. Unfortunately I didn't inherit that part. I am always a basket case by the time guests come over that it always overshadows the point of the night - to get together with friends and ENJOY each others company. So here are some super simple, yet beautiful centerpieces - one less thing to do before the guests arrive!

Maura Mcevoy via Real Simple

Joanna Henderson

Deirdre Roodney

Sara Essex

Anita Alero via Real Simple

Sara Essex

Sara Essex

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sit back and relax

It seems that I have had it with decorating, trends and beautiful photography today. A wave of design nausea has come over me and I can't shake it; just yesterday I was on a roll, feeling inspired and creative and full of life! What happened? I wish I knew, I sure hope this funk lifts fast, it's the Holiday Season!

Here are some rooms that don't make me want to pull the covers over my head!

Joanna Henderson via Nestled In

Via Elle Decor

Via Desire to Inspire

Adrian Briscoe

Hummm... is there a trend here? I think this anti decor bug might be from a little lack of peace and quiet....(and sleep) I think I am going to go find myself a seat like one of these and relax for a bit - before the all the eventful weekend!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Opening Day

Whistler Is Open. Need I say more?

Party Season!

I'm back in town and I am ready to go out and party with my friends! Good thing, since the Christmas party season has started! I got a head start last night, with a impromptu girlfriend gathering at the Flying Tiger only an hour after getting off the plane! How great it is to be back in the world of wonderful drinks and food and familiar faces, it was almost sensory overload! I'm still dizzy on how fast the Internet is and how bright and flavourful the colours are and how warm it is! The next few weeks will be filled with...

Festive dinner parties (Jeffrey W. Miller)

Work Christmas parties (Jocelyne Beaudoin) (I love that sputnik light!)

And tons of catching up with friends! (Jeffrey W. Miller)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Faux Sure!

I am really digging faux wood right now. (If you do too check out this website!) I don't mean, TLC Trading Spacing faux finishes, rather items that you know are faux, and are meant to be faux... I am sure we will all cringe at this trend in 10 years, just like we do now with wood paneling, but hey why not give our kids something to laugh at!

Via It's (K)not Wood by Gus Modern

From Walmart - Via Decor8

Monday, November 24, 2008

Easy Eco Monday - Visual Reminders

I got this idea today while logging into Hotmail. On the home pages, there is a link to "Hell On Earth - Ecological Disaster Tourism" - locations to visit if you want to witness some of the world’s worst man-made disasters for yourself.

While the idea of spending my holiday in an ecological disaster didn't sound too convincing, I thought about what a great impact it would have on my life... but I wondered if the impact would wear off and I would go back to some of my bad eco habits? If so, how would I make sure to avoid this? Well my solution for this is to have images up around the house in locations where I do most of my bad habits such as in the kitchen, in front of the garbage, beside my car keys, near my computer and printer, or in my wallet for every time I want to buy a bottle of water. I would hope that those visual reminders would keep me in line....

So until I take a holiday to an ecological disaster, here are some images that I could use in the mean time.....

Friday, November 21, 2008



Recently Haute*Nature has profiled two companies that make fabulous furniture out of scrap material. Scrapile and Oormerk have sleek designs, where the 'multicultural' wood adds intriguing dimension to the pieces! Oormerk is based in the Netherlands, and Scrapile is based in Brooklyn New York.

Oormerk via Design Boom

And you can even purchase items from Scrapile in Canada! You will have to make a trip to Montreal, but hey, anything for a company who has a logo like this! (Scrapile's Logo)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hide a Carpet

On my visit to Toronto, I noticed this cow hide in the family room of one of my friends places. She was one of the last people I would have thought to have a hide on the floor, but I just loved it! I have secretly wanted one for a while, but I always had a bit of a moral dilemma with the concept...but I looked into it a bit more and found out that they are a by-product of the food industry. This is a good thing, considering that the rugs are popping up everywhere... even at IKEA!...

Ngoc Minh Ngo

Photography by Sara Essex via Desire to Inspire

But cows are so cute! Cleo Sullivan

So what do you think? Do you think you could have a hide on your floor?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Showing ones Soul

I stumbled upon these stunning photos by Thierry LeGoues... How amazing would this be printed on large canvases? It sends a chill down my spine just thinking of it. They have this gripping and spooky feel to them... The collection is appropriately called Soul.... it just drips from every image. The model is Veronica Webb, and these were first exhibited in Cape Town, South Africa in 1995. (Note - some of the images in the collection are more explicit and graphic than those shown below)

I have a feeling I will be posting a lot more about Thierry LeGoues, I am absolutely entranced by his photography.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Face It

I was never a bathroom person - I don't take baths, and don't usually think twice about them...Until I found this absolutely striking bathroom! The tiled face is stunning! I might feel a little insecure having him watch me while I shower every morning... but it's an amazingly dramatic statement!

I also love the black and white (of course!) I never thought of having such a dramatic, high contrast bathroom, but I love it!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Types of Plaid

If I could, I would have added a little plaid like this today....
Or maybe been bold and worn it like this....

Instead I am wearing 4 layers underneath my plaid which looks more like this...
It's close.!!.. So I'll just pretend!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Just a little shout out to my friend Alya - who's birthday it is today.... She is a true fashionista with and an impeccable ability of putting outfits together, no matter where in the world she is... Europe, South America, Africa or just at home on a Sunday! Al, I hope you have a stylin' day! (And show those Aussies some Van-style, and brains!)
Who says you don't look good in hats?
You look amazing in front of this wall, so natural - plus the wall itself is stunning! Where is this?
All the best! xo

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oliver and Lilly's

A little over a month ago I found, just off Granville street, this adorable shop - Oliver & Lilly's. I was walking home along 13th Ave and the window display literally pulled be across the street!! Inside I was greeted with this tree -

It is so simple, yet intricate and interesting and... I absolutely love it but I just can't seem to find the perfect word to describe it! The store beyond the tree is a truly unique and lovely store. The displays are divine, with loads of texture, colour and layers, just the perfect touches to compliment the great clothes!
This store is such an inspiration - not only for my wardrobe (which I know will improve ten times now that O&L is sooo close) but also for my home - Styling ordinary objects can create that sense of magic! It reminds me of back in the day, when I used to make my mom's dinning room center pieces - I loved collecting random objects from around the house and arranging them... I encourage everyone to take a walk down 13th Ave, and drop by! Go for the tree, and you'll stay for the clothes! (If you aren't in the Vancouver area, check out their blog!)
All images from O&L.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Out of Touch for a little bit

I am taking a few days off from posting.... work has been piling up and I need to get some of it done! So... It's off to work I go! I hope you all have a productive work week as well!

Some days up here on site I feel like these guys! Only with PPE!

New posts on the weekend!

Less we forget

Some natural images of the Poppy... Some beauty to remind us to care.
Georgetown Galleries

J. Grabenstein

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Now that the US presidential elections are over, it is time for Barack Obama to get down to business. He needs to be prepared come January in order follow up on his large promises!! So I picked some places fit for soon to be president Obama, or in Canada's case, our newly re-elected Prime Minister, Harper. Pull up a chair, you two have a lot to think about....

Both of the above are taken by photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo

Sam McAdam