Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I have the great joy and heavy responsibility of buying a new bed in the near future. And in true form over function, my debate in buying a bed revolves around the headboard. Do I want a headboard? If so, do you I want a strong, soft, intricate, simple, big or small headboard? Or do I want to just have a wall feature? I must admit that I do love my headboard right now, I would keep it if it fit on a queen bed, however it doesn’t....
My current bed is this IKEA bed, just imagine the silver painted black and the wicker stained a deeper brown... via ikea circa 2001

As you might recall in earlier posts I am doing my room in black and white. Currently my bedding is black, but I am torn between keeping it or changing to white, I know that decision is a fluid one and so I will have to have a headboard that works with both. Below are some that I like… Any thoughts on these?

House and home

Simple - keeps the room light and can go with many different themes - not really the focal point however...

Via the internet.... sorry!

I just love this funky headboard, what a great image, and it looks comfy to lean aganist too!

Apartment Therapy

This organic headboard and duvet cover absolutely amazing and so serene.... I would love to have this as my headboard... however it is just too close to what I already have, I need to move on!

I love the mirrors on top of the bed. The contrast between the soft fluffy bed and the sharp, rigid shapes of the mirrors is awesome. Hum... mirrors as headboards......

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