Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where is Arthur Erickson?

To follow up on my post yesterday about Vancouverism, I'm posting some of Arthur Erickson's buildings. Maybe you will recognize one when you pass it on the street....

MacMillan Bloedel Building Downtown Vancouver

Museum of Anthropology UBC - UBC campus, north coast

The Waterfall Building - near Granville Island
Law Courts - Smithe and Hornby

Robson Square - Robson street...
He really liked his concrete.

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  1. arthur erickson is just incredible and has designed some truly amazing structures. i had the pleasure of meeting him as well, a couple of years ago, when he hosted a small function in his home/garden to raise money for aids. his garden is an oasis! if you're at all interested i may be able to dig up some photos from that... -danielle
    p.s. my mom lives in an erickson-designed condo in false creek!!