Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fiscal Fast

What better way to start off this blog then to spend the first week describing my life while on a Fiscal Fast?  It all started when I came across this article in the washington post called "Can you give up the goods and buy less?".  Now I am not crazy and going on a year long fast, it is just for a week, so really how difficult can it be?  Initial thoughts make me think that I have not spent anything for weeks on end, but when I look at my visa bill it proves me wrong.  I make on average 5-10 purchases a week, that does include food and "necessities" but is also includes a lot of "other stuff.  
I have set out a few ground rules:
- The three things I can do before the week are:
Go for a grocery shop, fill up my car with gas, and buy a packet of bus tickets. 
- If I owe anyone money from earlier, I can pay it
- If any bills deadlines come up I will pay them
- I can purchase items for my cousin's wedding present (she is getting married June 21st and I am trying to make her a cutting board)
So I have already bent the rules a lot, but if this week is successful - I will try it again without many of those caviates.  I guess all there is to do now is go shopping before the clock strikes 12!

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